OH MY GOD! you are almost 2!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Ian,

What happened to the time?  Where did it all go???  you were supposed to be my little baby and now you are turning into a real boy! STOP! Stop growing up!

You have all these words you say, and you are starting to put them in to 2 or 3 word sentences.  You talk so adorable that I dread the day you out grow it.

I am so very unprepared for this.  I will no longer count your age in months but now in years (of course I swore I would never count in months after the first year, but couldn’t help myself).  I have been practicing by saying “he is almost two” or “he will be two in March”

But alas birthday’s call for parties.  I had a brilliant idea which your father turned down.  Yes it is ok to be mad at him now.  He said we could do it when you are older…

I tell you the hardest thing about March birthday’s is planning something INSIDE! who does anything inside anymore? I looked up some ideas online and got all these “don’t have a big thing….kid is too little to understand…just have a few people….no themes….don’t get absorbed in the materialism…yadayadayada”  They obviously don’t know my little man!

You deserve a big party everyday of your life!  Plus how can we keep it small when our family is so BIG?

I am thinking about having at the same pizza place we did last year, and having a rock star theme.  I have some great ideas for decorations and party favors and invitations… (of course we will have to see what your father has to say about it)  but we could also do a Cars theme, or Hotwheels.

Whatever we decided we have to do it soon because it will be here before I know it!  I mean we only have 2 months, 2 weeks and 2 days until you turn 2!!!

Love, Mom


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