Let’s Eat!

Dear Ian,

after having dinner with you last night I now know what my parents went through trying to get me to eat.  Sometimes you are the most stubborn little man on the planet!

When you were born, I swore  you would eat better than I did.  At around five and a half months you started to show interest in food and just wasn’t getting enough calories each day on breast milk alone.  So with the advice of your doctor I started giving you ‘solid food’.  I had originally thought I about not introducing solid food until about 8 or 9 months.  I feel there was a big trend to start too early, when your little stomachs aren’t really ready for digesting food.  But alas, as always you completely changed the plan.

We mixed rice cereal with breast milk and  you LOVED it.  You always wanted to eat with a spoon and it was very messy 🙂  Eventually we of course made it thicker and started adding fruits and vegetables.  There wasn’t anything you wouldn’t eat.  It was wonderful.  I made as much of your food purees as I could and when you got older I started to make you porridge from this Super Baby Food book.  I mixed it with all kinds of blends of fruit and vegetables but your favorite is Avocado/Banana in which I add a green veggie like broccoli.  (at almost 2 years you still eat it!)

sweet potatoes

When you got older I would mash-up, or chop up in the food processor what ever dinner we were having.  You were such a wonderful eater.  There wasn’t anything you didn’t like, but your favorite thing was fruit.

After going to your sitters, your Tante would pick you up and she would usually be cooking dinner or baking something.  So your third word was “cookie” and everything you wanted to eat was a cookie.  When we would be out you would ask for a cookie and people would look at me strange because I would give you fruit or yogurt or something that was obviously NOT a cookie.  Eventually when you learned more words you deviated from this cute habit, which I miss ❤

Now hands down you will eat any fruit I put in front of you, but you love oranges and berries the best.  And thanks to your Tante you have a big huge sweet tooth for candy, chocolate, cupcakes and cookies!

sweet tooth

This whole story came about because last night we had a huge fight at dinner time.  You are a very independent child and one of the ways you are trying show that independence is at meal time.  Last night I gave you left overs of spaghetti, which you ate the other night.  But you refused to eat it!  We battled and cried and I put you to bed 3 times!  I would ask if you wanted to go to sleep, and you would reply OK, then I would take you to bed and you would lay there for about 10 minutes then tell me you were hungry.  I would ask if you were going to eat dinner and you would say ‘okay’ and then you wouldn’t eat!  It was so very frustrating.  I finally gave in and gave you the above mentioned porridge, which at first you wouldn’t eat, but eventually you did.

I tell you son, I am at my wit’s end about this.  I don’t know what to do.  I do not want meal time to be bad for you, but you are making me crazy.  You have to eat dinner, and all you want is snacks and junk.  I can’t let you go hungry but you refuse to eat.

Lately your father has been working out-of-town, and that has thrown off our routine.  I hate cooking for just the two of us because it is so much work, so we are not eating dinner together.  I think that might be part of the problem, you don’t see me eat, so you are not eating.  I am hoping to improve on this and start getting back to a routine, because you love your routines.  Even thought right now your father is still out-of-town, I hope to start having dinner together again.  I have such a hard time working all day then I have to go get you and bring you home, then fix dinner, and get you to eat, bath and bed by 7:30.  Not impossible but very challenging.

I found this website Once a Month Mom that has a menu plan to do a bunch of preparation one day out of the month, then you just throw the dinner in the oven.  So if I can do this, then I can take it out of the freezer in the morning, and put it in the oven on my way to pick you up.  Then by the time we get home dinner will be ready.

This might be a bad week, but we will get it worked out.

Hugs and kisses,

your mom


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