Dear Ian,

as you started to talk and express things it was important to teach you about manners.  When you would hand me things I would tell you ‘Thank you’ and then when I would hand you things I would also say ‘thank you.’  Which lead you to ask for things by saying ‘thank you.’  It was super cute and wonderful.

One time you wanted something I had, a screwdriver, which I couldn’t give you.  You stood there holding your hand out and repeating ‘tank you, tank you, TANK YOU!’ You were very mad I wouldn’t share and frustrated because you didn’t understand why you couldn’t have it.  You asked politely but I still couldn’t have it because of safety.

We then started you on the word ‘please.’  Now when you want something I ask ‘what do you say?’ and you reply with ‘peeesse!’ and when you get it you reply with ‘tank you.’

We now make you say ‘no thanks’ when you don’t want something.  Which when you get cranky you say with the most snotty little voice and it is pretty cute 🙂

The best thing was one day I gave you something and you said ‘’  It was the most wonderful thing I had ever heard.

You no longer say ‘tank you mom’ but you still have good manners for a two-year old.

Keep up the good work.

Love, Mom


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