13 Weeks

Here you are little one at 12 weeks.  I am trying to get pictures of you in a weekly process, but we will see how that goes 🙂

Yesterday (the 15th of March) I had a doctor’s appointment to check to see how you were doing.  We did an ultrasound to take a look at you and make sure you are growing good.  You measured out just shy of 3 inches.  I can not believe how big my belly is to hold just 3 little inches.  You are doing good, we could see your bladder indicating your kidneys are working.  Your little heart beat was strong and at a good rate.  You are a mover, just like your big brother was.

Here is your little profile.  So cute I just want to pinch your cheeks!

Here is what is going on with you at 13 weeks.

You are the size of peach now, and your body is catching up with the growth of your head.  You are moving your arms and legs, but you still have plenty of room in there so I don’t feel those movements yet.

My symptoms are getting much worse.  I am very sick a lot and have to appetite, which means that even though my belly is getting bigger I have not gained weight since my last check up at 8 weeks.  Although we are not concerned about that yet.  I am very tired and really just want to sleep all the time, but of course I can’t.  It seems that I just can’t stay asleep at night.  Which might be why I am getting headaches.  But even with all these yucky feelings, I am still over joyed with your presence.  All these minor unpleasantness’ are worth it in the end.




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