Week 17

Dear little baby,

Last week we had a doctor’s appointment just to do a check up.  I am happy to say I have finally put on some weight, it was less than two pounds, but it was still a gain!  This makes me happy because I was worried about your health, that’s what mothers do we worry.  We also listened to your heart beat, it is such a wonderful sound.

The most important thing about this appointment is that I made the appointment for your anatomy ultrasound!  On Thursday May 3rd  Wednesday May 9th we will find out if you are a boy or girl.  I am hoping for a girl, but your dad says boy.  I have always wanted a girl, to be able to girly things, like ballet and dresses and dolls.  However, two boys would be wonderful as well.  You would, hopefully, grow up to be the best of buds.

Either way we will be happy, but it is nice to find out.

There are things I want to start planning, and I can’t until we find out your gender.  They will also be checking the development of your organs, so there are other important things with this ultrasound, then just gender.

April 3, 2012  Here you are at 16 weeks.

At 17 weeks you weigh about 5 ounces and are the size of a turnip.  Your bones are starting to turn from soft cartilage into actual bone.  You can move your joints, and I can sure feel you moving around in there.  I have been kidney kicked a couple of times by you, and whew it was painful.  There is no greater feeling then you moving around, so I welcome every kick and punch you give me.




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