It’s a……….

Dear little baby,

Yesterday we had an ultrasound appointment to check your growth and organ development.  It is also the day we found out your gender.

You are a BOY!!!!

When I found out you were going to be a boy, I was sad that I wasn’t going to have a girl.  Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t sad you were a boy, I was just sad I won’t ever have a girl.  I hope that makes sense, because I had always wanted a girl, and you are going to be our last chance.  Plus I thought it would be easier on you and your brother if you were different genders.  But then again, you will have tons of fun growing up and playing together.  It was kinda funny, at the appointment we were talking about what our predictions were, and the ultrasound tech said she thought you were a boy.  She wasn’t done, and had a lot of things to look at so I thought maybe there was a chance she was wrong….but nope.  We have a picture (which I didn’t put up online) that basically looks like a little baby boy sitting on a copy machine 🙂  You are most certainly a boy!

You are healthy, and all your organs looked fine.  Based on your measurements you are 14 oz, which is right on track for 21 weeks.  Your foot, pictured up there, has been doing a lot of kicking lately, along with the other one, and your hands have been punching.  Well you might be stretching or doing cartwheels, but what ever you are doing, you are very active.

I am really happy to have another boy, a little scared, but happy.





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