What’s in a name?

Dear Sid,

first off I would like to point out that we have come up with your name.

Sidney Kopes Jennings

OK, so that name has been on our brains since I was pregnant with your brother.  Sidney was the first name of  my maternal great-grandfather, so your great-great-grandfather.  He was such a wonderful man and helped make me who I am today.  Kopes is the last name of your fathers maternal grandfather, so your great-grandfather.  These two men meant a lot to us, and this is a wonderful way to honor their memories and sharing their legacies with you.

Choosing a name for a child is rather difficult and stressful.  What if they don’t like it, will it make them get picked on growing up, what if it doesn’t end up suiting them, and the list of worries goes on.  When I was pregnant with your brother, we decided to not pick one until he was born.  We had a list of our favorites, but we were afraid of picking one and then deciding it didn’t fit him when he was born.  Your dad decided on Ian at the hospital, and it wasn’t even on the list!  I thought we might go that route with you as well, but from the moment we learned you were a boy, your dad started calling you Sid.

When we originally talked about the name Sid/Sidney, your dad wanted the name to be Sid.  But I said it had to be Sidney formally and we will just use Sid.  My great-grandfather went by Sid, but officially it was Sidney.  So that will be your name, although we will call you Sid, unless of course you are getting in to trouble 🙂

I say all this now, but you are still months away from being here, so who knows what your dad will come up with in the mean time.




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