Jedi Crystal has been found

Dear Ian,

Today you were watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon.  This episode the young Jedi trainees were going in search of their crystals in order to build their light sabers.

List of Star Wars air, aquatic, and ground veh...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You got out all you Star Wars toys and a little tiny toy dog bone.  You took the bone up to the TV, placed it next to the screen and said “I get it.”

Then you came to me with your little hand closed turned it palm up and slowly opened your fingers.  Then declared “I found my crystal!  It was in my ice!”

Then every few minutes you bring it back to me and I would have to ask if you had found your crystal, to which you would reply “yep. it was in my ice!”

Since we were watching it on demand, this went on for a couple of hours.  But I loved every minute of it.




Things Ian said….

Dear Sid,

“It’s OK Baby Sid, I commin’, I commin’ Baby Sid”

This week your brother is potty training, we were in the bathroom and you started fussing in the living room.  While getting him dressed he started yelling to let you know that he would be right there to take care of your needs.

He is such a good brother ❤




It’s Potty Time!

Dear Ian,

Since last fall I have been trying to potty train you.  Well we have been doing it off and on.  I introduced it to you last fall but I haven’t been pushing it.  You would do well for a while but then you refuse and I wouldn’t do anything about for a few weeks.

Then right before you turned two I found out you were going to be a big brother.  I told my self I would get you trained before the baby came.  I knew the trick with you would be to just put you in underwear all day.  Because I knew it would take a few days I told myself I would wait till the baby got here since I would be home at that point anyways.  We still talked about going potty, we would go occasionally, and if we were going to be home all day I would put you in underwear.

While this was fine, it wasn’t getting you out of diapers.  Tomorrow you brother will be seven-weeks old and you are still not potty trained.  This week we are going diaper free!

So this morning after you was up I took your diaper off and put underwear on.  you said you didn’t want it on and wanted a new diaper.  You started to get upset but I didn’t want to give in so I told you every time you go potty on the toilet you can have a piece of candy.  You told me you wanted corn candy, which I am out of, but I said you could have a pumpkin.  You were sitting on the couch and said ‘I go pee-pee again mama’ and we had to change your clothes and clean you up.  Accident number one.

While eating breakfast you told me you had to go poop, so off to the bathroom we ran.  Turns out you just had to fart, after going back to eating you told be again you had to go, but again it was a false alarm.

The next time though was a success!  Hooray! You did it!  So I gave you a pumpkin and told you why you were getting it.  The candy was a reward for telling me you and then going!  Your reply: “I eat my oatmeal Mama”  What? you don’t want your candy?

You put it on the table and finished all your breakfast.  Leaving candy uneaten is something I have never seen you do!

Monday’s candy count: 4

Accident count: 5 (none of them involving solids!!)

Plus you did really good at dinner! an added bonus for the day.

I Batman

The bedding has been changed, you have had a bath and are lying down in your Batman jammies, all your dirty jammies and big boy pants are in the washer getting ready for tomorrow.  By my count it was a good potty day.