Jedi Crystal has been found

Dear Ian,

Today you were watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon.  This episode the young Jedi trainees were going in search of their crystals in order to build their light sabers.

List of Star Wars air, aquatic, and ground veh...

(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You got out all you Star Wars toys and a little tiny toy dog bone.  You took the bone up to the TV, placed it next to the screen and said “I get it.”

Then you came to me with your little hand closed turned it palm up and slowly opened your fingers.  Then declared “I found my crystal!  It was in my ice!”

Then every few minutes you bring it back to me and I would have to ask if you had found your crystal, to which you would reply “yep. it was in my ice!”

Since we were watching it on demand, this went on for a couple of hours.  But I loved every minute of it.




It’s Potty Time!

Dear Ian,

Since last fall I have been trying to potty train you.  Well we have been doing it off and on.  I introduced it to you last fall but I haven’t been pushing it.  You would do well for a while but then you refuse and I wouldn’t do anything about for a few weeks.

Then right before you turned two I found out you were going to be a big brother.  I told my self I would get you trained before the baby came.  I knew the trick with you would be to just put you in underwear all day.  Because I knew it would take a few days I told myself I would wait till the baby got here since I would be home at that point anyways.  We still talked about going potty, we would go occasionally, and if we were going to be home all day I would put you in underwear.

While this was fine, it wasn’t getting you out of diapers.  Tomorrow you brother will be seven-weeks old and you are still not potty trained.  This week we are going diaper free!

So this morning after you was up I took your diaper off and put underwear on.  you said you didn’t want it on and wanted a new diaper.  You started to get upset but I didn’t want to give in so I told you every time you go potty on the toilet you can have a piece of candy.  You told me you wanted corn candy, which I am out of, but I said you could have a pumpkin.  You were sitting on the couch and said ‘I go pee-pee again mama’ and we had to change your clothes and clean you up.  Accident number one.

While eating breakfast you told me you had to go poop, so off to the bathroom we ran.  Turns out you just had to fart, after going back to eating you told be again you had to go, but again it was a false alarm.

The next time though was a success!  Hooray! You did it!  So I gave you a pumpkin and told you why you were getting it.  The candy was a reward for telling me you and then going!  Your reply: “I eat my oatmeal Mama”  What? you don’t want your candy?

You put it on the table and finished all your breakfast.  Leaving candy uneaten is something I have never seen you do!

Monday’s candy count: 4

Accident count: 5 (none of them involving solids!!)

Plus you did really good at dinner! an added bonus for the day.

I Batman

The bedding has been changed, you have had a bath and are lying down in your Batman jammies, all your dirty jammies and big boy pants are in the washer getting ready for tomorrow.  By my count it was a good potty day.



Star Wars

Dear Ian,

Not so long ago, in a galaxy not so far away, a brilliant man made a movie.

The year was 1977, your mom was not born yet, and your father just barely.  George Lucas released the first of what was to become a six movie series titled Star Wars, later to be renamed A New Hope.  Originally the movies were released episode IV, V, VI; 20 years later they made the first three episodes.  In 1999 they released episode I to be followed by II and III.

1977 Episode IV; A New Hope

1980 Episode V; The Empire Strikes Back

1983 Episode VI; Return of the Jedi

1999 Episode I; The Phantom Menace

2002 Episode II; Attack of the Clones

2005 Episode III; Revenge of the Sith

Now it is hard to describe the impact these movies had on my life growing up, let alone the nations.  But I will say they changed everything.  Little boys no longer played “cowboys and Indians” or “cops and robbers” but now they were “rebels vs the Empire” or “Jedi vs Sith”  or “Darth Vader vs Luke Skywalker”

They battled with Light Sabers and Blasters, they made robots and spaceships.  We all had roles: Uncle Ryan was Luke Skywalker, Tante was Princess Leia, I was R2D2 (my favorite character), our neighbor Andy was either Han Solo, unless Uncle Jake was there then he had to be Chewbacca.  We would endlessly act out scenes from the movies, by this time the first three had been released.  When your Uncle Ryan got pneumonia he watched Star Wars all day long.

Not only did it become a staple in our lives, but the lives of millions.  There are conferences and millions of dollars are spent on Star Wars products.    Boys, girls, young and old love these movies.  I will not go into the reasons why, you will find them for yourself.  I recently came across this article in the NY times and he more eloquently describes the love for this movie, by boys who have never yet seen it.

When you started to walk and talk and role play, this past year, one of the things you played was “Star Wars.”  With LT you would battle with light sabers, then  you watched the girls play ‘Lego Star Wars’ on the Wii.  At this time your cousins had never seen the movies but were fans, just like you, because of the games.  Finally PooPaChoo decided to make them watch the movies and would explain what was happening.

We were over there one night and they mentioned watching one of the movies and you came  up to me and said “I wanna watch Star Wars” it was the proudest moment of my life (so far)!  “Yes!” I said, forget dinner and bedtime and all of that! Watch this wonderful movie that I love so dear.  OK so lets not forget the fact that  you were just barely 2 years old.  So you didn’t sit down and really watch it, but you would watch parts of it.  Mostly the parts that involved battles and fighting with light sabers.  But you LOVED those parts.

Now you know all the characters names, well the main ones, and you can pick them out of a line-up.  You have Star Wars toys, and light sabers and you are constantly wanting to watch the movies.  And I couldn’t be happier about.  It is amazing to be able to share something I loved as a kid, with my children and see the same amazement and joy in your eyes.

I will admit that for your first birthday I found it only natural to have a Star Wars themed birthday party for you.  I made you dress up as a Jedi, a costume your Bamma made for you.  I loved it, and don’t worry we will do a Star Wars theme again, probably more then once!



(images are from

Happy Birthday Rock Star!

Dear Ian,

it is now your birthday!

I love celebrating birthdays.  I have decided that for as long as I can, I will take your birthday off and spend all day with you!  If you are in school, you will not have to go.  It will be a day to spend however you like, if you want I will even leave your little sibling at home (with a sitter that is).

Since you are not old enough to decide what to do on your birthday, I made the choice for you.  Your dad and I stayed home and it snowed in the morning.  He then had to go to work later in the day.


After playing in the snow with Kapa’a I made you some Birthday Cake Pancakes!  They were wonderful!


I let you take a nap and then Bamma and I took you to the Portland Children’s Museum for some play time.


After playing we went to dinner at Red Robin with Dad, Bamma, Tante, Poo-Pa-Choo, Emma & Hailey!  Dad let you have ice cream before dinner, but you still ate really good.

Tante made you some cupcakes so we could sing you happy birthday


 this is by far my favorite picture.  You were so excited about us singing to you ❤

 your favorite way to eat, who needs sliver ware?

Tante and Bamma let you open a couple presents since your birthday party was in two days.

 Bamma got you this Snoopy stuffed animal, which you loved so much!

 Tante got you this light saber, which is bigger then you, but it makes noises when it moves and lights up.  It is pretty awesome, but it was a little dangerous for the people around us.

 Dad had to take you outside so you didn’t injure any body at the restaurant 🙂  When we got home, dad gave you the present he got from you.  You will have to grow into it….

I am pretty sure you had a great day, but I know that I did.  I loved being able to spend the day with you and not worry about all the ‘stuff’ that needs to get done.



Wuv You

Dear Ian,

I have been telling you that I love you since the day your were born.  And always before bed I would bend down kiss you on the forehead and say ‘I love you.’

After talking more you would sometimes say it back to me and I would rejoice!  You have no idea how wonderful it is to hear those words said in your sweet little voice.

One night before bed we were in the rocking chair, you were on my lap with your blanket and stuffed kitty.  You looked at your kitty hugged it and said ‘awww. kitty. luv you.’

Really? Your stuffed animal? Really?  but I guess as long as you were understanding the concept I could live with that.

So then the other night we were in the rocking chair before bed and I leaned down to kiss your head.  You looked up at me and smiled then said ‘wuv you’  My heart melted, it was the most wonderful thing I had ever heard.  It almost made me cry.

You don’t always say it, but when you do it is like heaven, and it can make any day a great day.




Dear Ian,

as you started to talk and express things it was important to teach you about manners.  When you would hand me things I would tell you ‘Thank you’ and then when I would hand you things I would also say ‘thank you.’  Which lead you to ask for things by saying ‘thank you.’  It was super cute and wonderful.

One time you wanted something I had, a screwdriver, which I couldn’t give you.  You stood there holding your hand out and repeating ‘tank you, tank you, TANK YOU!’ You were very mad I wouldn’t share and frustrated because you didn’t understand why you couldn’t have it.  You asked politely but I still couldn’t have it because of safety.

We then started you on the word ‘please.’  Now when you want something I ask ‘what do you say?’ and you reply with ‘peeesse!’ and when you get it you reply with ‘tank you.’

We now make you say ‘no thanks’ when you don’t want something.  Which when you get cranky you say with the most snotty little voice and it is pretty cute 🙂

The best thing was one day I gave you something and you said ‘’  It was the most wonderful thing I had ever heard.

You no longer say ‘tank you mom’ but you still have good manners for a two-year old.

Keep up the good work.

Love, Mom

Let’s Eat!

Dear Ian,

after having dinner with you last night I now know what my parents went through trying to get me to eat.  Sometimes you are the most stubborn little man on the planet!

When you were born, I swore  you would eat better than I did.  At around five and a half months you started to show interest in food and just wasn’t getting enough calories each day on breast milk alone.  So with the advice of your doctor I started giving you ‘solid food’.  I had originally thought I about not introducing solid food until about 8 or 9 months.  I feel there was a big trend to start too early, when your little stomachs aren’t really ready for digesting food.  But alas, as always you completely changed the plan.

We mixed rice cereal with breast milk and  you LOVED it.  You always wanted to eat with a spoon and it was very messy 🙂  Eventually we of course made it thicker and started adding fruits and vegetables.  There wasn’t anything you wouldn’t eat.  It was wonderful.  I made as much of your food purees as I could and when you got older I started to make you porridge from this Super Baby Food book.  I mixed it with all kinds of blends of fruit and vegetables but your favorite is Avocado/Banana in which I add a green veggie like broccoli.  (at almost 2 years you still eat it!)

sweet potatoes

When you got older I would mash-up, or chop up in the food processor what ever dinner we were having.  You were such a wonderful eater.  There wasn’t anything you didn’t like, but your favorite thing was fruit.

After going to your sitters, your Tante would pick you up and she would usually be cooking dinner or baking something.  So your third word was “cookie” and everything you wanted to eat was a cookie.  When we would be out you would ask for a cookie and people would look at me strange because I would give you fruit or yogurt or something that was obviously NOT a cookie.  Eventually when you learned more words you deviated from this cute habit, which I miss ❤

Now hands down you will eat any fruit I put in front of you, but you love oranges and berries the best.  And thanks to your Tante you have a big huge sweet tooth for candy, chocolate, cupcakes and cookies!

sweet tooth

This whole story came about because last night we had a huge fight at dinner time.  You are a very independent child and one of the ways you are trying show that independence is at meal time.  Last night I gave you left overs of spaghetti, which you ate the other night.  But you refused to eat it!  We battled and cried and I put you to bed 3 times!  I would ask if you wanted to go to sleep, and you would reply OK, then I would take you to bed and you would lay there for about 10 minutes then tell me you were hungry.  I would ask if you were going to eat dinner and you would say ‘okay’ and then you wouldn’t eat!  It was so very frustrating.  I finally gave in and gave you the above mentioned porridge, which at first you wouldn’t eat, but eventually you did.

I tell you son, I am at my wit’s end about this.  I don’t know what to do.  I do not want meal time to be bad for you, but you are making me crazy.  You have to eat dinner, and all you want is snacks and junk.  I can’t let you go hungry but you refuse to eat.

Lately your father has been working out-of-town, and that has thrown off our routine.  I hate cooking for just the two of us because it is so much work, so we are not eating dinner together.  I think that might be part of the problem, you don’t see me eat, so you are not eating.  I am hoping to improve on this and start getting back to a routine, because you love your routines.  Even thought right now your father is still out-of-town, I hope to start having dinner together again.  I have such a hard time working all day then I have to go get you and bring you home, then fix dinner, and get you to eat, bath and bed by 7:30.  Not impossible but very challenging.

I found this website Once a Month Mom that has a menu plan to do a bunch of preparation one day out of the month, then you just throw the dinner in the oven.  So if I can do this, then I can take it out of the freezer in the morning, and put it in the oven on my way to pick you up.  Then by the time we get home dinner will be ready.

This might be a bad week, but we will get it worked out.

Hugs and kisses,

your mom


Dear Ian,

so it is now Jan 10th and I have yet to set a New Year’s goal.  So today I decided to do it.  My goal for the year is to make at least two journal entries every week.

One entry will be about something for the current week.

The other entry will be about something in the past.  Not distant past, but your past.

I have not been updating this blog recently because I am feeling overwhelmed.  You are almost two and I have so much to catch up on (at least I didn’t start this when you were 5!) and then I also keep getting behind.

So I now have a goal to get your blog updated and current.

I am also hoping to be able to refine it and organize it better.  I don’t want past and present post getting jumbled together.  Maybe someday I can have it better organized for you to read easily.




OH MY GOD! you are almost 2!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Ian,

What happened to the time?  Where did it all go???  you were supposed to be my little baby and now you are turning into a real boy! STOP! Stop growing up!

You have all these words you say, and you are starting to put them in to 2 or 3 word sentences.  You talk so adorable that I dread the day you out grow it.

I am so very unprepared for this.  I will no longer count your age in months but now in years (of course I swore I would never count in months after the first year, but couldn’t help myself).  I have been practicing by saying “he is almost two” or “he will be two in March”

But alas birthday’s call for parties.  I had a brilliant idea which your father turned down.  Yes it is ok to be mad at him now.  He said we could do it when you are older…

I tell you the hardest thing about March birthday’s is planning something INSIDE! who does anything inside anymore? I looked up some ideas online and got all these “don’t have a big thing….kid is too little to understand…just have a few people….no themes….don’t get absorbed in the materialism…yadayadayada”  They obviously don’t know my little man!

You deserve a big party everyday of your life!  Plus how can we keep it small when our family is so BIG?

I am thinking about having at the same pizza place we did last year, and having a rock star theme.  I have some great ideas for decorations and party favors and invitations… (of course we will have to see what your father has to say about it)  but we could also do a Cars theme, or Hotwheels.

Whatever we decided we have to do it soon because it will be here before I know it!  I mean we only have 2 months, 2 weeks and 2 days until you turn 2!!!

Love, Mom


Dear Ian,

Today is the Monday before Thanksgiving.  We usually take this time to reflect on what we are thankful for in our lives.  If I am thankful for anything it would be you, my son.  I am thankful for all of my family, but you most of all.  You are the reason I wake up in the morning, the reason I start each day with a smile, the reason I put one foot in front of the other and the reason I am here on this earth.

But let’s be honest, today I am thankful for your baby sitter!  Sitter K is the greatest child care provider on the face of this earth.  I do not like that I have to work and leave you in the care of another, but you couldn’t be in better hands.  Sitter K is kind, wonderful, patient, loving and most of all, she tolerates you!

Yesterday my Aunt K.C. and cousins Big A and Little A (Big A’s daughter) came over to Bamma’s house for some dinner and play time.  Little A is just over 2 and it is fun to get you wee little ones together.  Fun was had by all, you didn’t share everything but you shared a lot and were mostly well-behaved.  Events like these are always fun but exhausting.  We got home a little after 8 and we sat in the rocking chair and you fell to sleep almost right away.  However the hall light was on, and your dad had been working out-of-town, so I had no one to turn if off.  When we walked down the hall and I put you into bed, you woke up.  But you just laid there so I thought you would go right back to sleep.  About 9:30 I heard you talking and you were wide awake.  Did you fall asleep and wake up or did you never go to sleep in the first place?

I heard you make some noises in the night and again around 6 am, but you talk in your sleep so I don’t know how well you slept last night.  But when I came in at 7 to get you up, you did not wake up!  You let me change your clothes and put you in your car seat without waking up!  You slept the whole way to Sitter K’s house but woke up when I got you out of the car, it was raining after all.  You started fussing and yelling the word “Yellow” over and over again.  It was pretty cute.

When we got in the house you started your super-crabby-i-can-not-believe-you-woke-me-up! act and was not very happy.  There was a lot of crying and nothing would make you happy.  I of course had to go to work and leave you, a very unhappy boy, with Sitter K.  She accepted you without complaint and I know that by the end of the day you will be a much happier boy.

It is good to know that even though sometimes you are crabby, you are always well taken care of.

I am thankful that we have her in our lives, and I am thankful that she puts up with you and loves you.  I am thankful that I have someone I can trust with the care of my son.