Things Ian said….

Dear Sid,

“It’s OK Baby Sid, I commin’, I commin’ Baby Sid”

This week your brother is potty training, we were in the bathroom and you started fussing in the living room.  While getting him dressed he started yelling to let you know that he would be right there to take care of your needs.

He is such a good brother ❤





Little Kicks

Dear Sid,


(picture source)

I know you are there, you do not have to constantly remind me.  I love your little movements and spins, but do you always have to kick so hard?

And please stop dancing on my bladder, I do not appreciate the sudden urgency at which I have to pee, only to find that when I try to go, nothing comes!

Seriously child, you are going to kick your way through my stomach.  But I love you anyway



In sickness and….

Dear Sid,

So it is now July and the family is finally healthy, well healthy-ish.

For about 8 weeks either your brother or I were sick, or both of us.  It was horrible!   It actually all started with your brother having an ear infection.  Then your brother had a fever for about a week, and he also had this horrible hacking cough that kept us up at night.  I was terrified that he had pneumonia and kept taking him back to the doctor for lung checks.  I had a cold, then got a throat infection so I had to be on antibiotics.   Then I got his cold/cough and the cough lasted about 3-4 weeks.  I would cough so hard, I would end up throwing up and peeing my pants.  I know, not something you wanted to hear about, but it happened.  (You have weakened my pelvic wall, and that much pressure causes things to leak).

The sad part about me being sick and pregnant is that I can’t take anything.  There was one cough medicine my OB said was ok to take, but it didn’t really do anything.  Except I did have to take antibiotics for the throat infection.

So now that we are all healthy, I had my 28 week appointment at which time I had to take the test to see if I had gestational diabetes.   Before going to the doctors I had to drink a solution that has 50g of glucose, exactly one hour after finishing it they drew my blood.  Now this is the most horrid drink ever, because it is just sugar in water.  When I was pregnant with your brother, my levels were normal so I wasn’t concerned about the test.  My doctor’s office called me within 15 minutes of my leaving the appointment to tell me my levels were high.  I don’t know what they were, but the nurse said I had to go in right away and have another test done.

This test involves fasting for 8-12 hours and then a blood draw.  I had an appointment the next day at 9 am, so I wasn’t supposed to eat after 9 pm.  Well, I had dinner about 6:30 and then had a bunch of errands to do because we were leaving for the beach the next day after my appointment.  So about 10:30 I had a snack, but then couldn’t eat again till after my appointment.  Let me tell you fasting and pregnancy do not mix.  I was so sick the morning of the appointment that I threw up after getting out of the shower, and it was so violent that, yes, I ended up peeing.  But I had just gotten out of the shower so I just got right back in it.  I felt awful.

I go to the doctors and they draw my blood to check my levels, and have a baseline.  I then have to drink a solution that has 100g of glucose, even worse than the first time because it has more sugar.  I almost threw it up, but I didn’t want to come back, so I forced myself to keep it down.  Now having not eaten for over 11 hours and then consuming that much sugar is not good for your brain.  I felt so sick, light-headed and had a hard time concentrating.   So exactly one hour after I finished the drink they drew my blood, then again an hour later, and once more an hour later.  Four total blood draws all about an hour apart.  Which also meant I had to sit in the waiting room for over 3 hours!

After all that suffering it turns out my levels are fine and I am not diabetic.  My doctor’s office said that 15% of pregnant women (probably just in the US) have high blood glucose levels, but only about 3% of them actually have gestational diabetes.  Thankfully I do not, because I live off carbs right now.  It is about all you will let me eat.  I am not getting as sick as before, but I am nowhere near normal.  Although I am gaining weight, about 10 lbs so far.

June 25, 2012Here we are at 27 weeks

You are still moving all the time and you have some serious force behind some of those movements.  I can actually see my belly moving!




What’s in a name?

Dear Sid,

first off I would like to point out that we have come up with your name.

Sidney Kopes Jennings

OK, so that name has been on our brains since I was pregnant with your brother.  Sidney was the first name of  my maternal great-grandfather, so your great-great-grandfather.  He was such a wonderful man and helped make me who I am today.  Kopes is the last name of your fathers maternal grandfather, so your great-grandfather.  These two men meant a lot to us, and this is a wonderful way to honor their memories and sharing their legacies with you.

Choosing a name for a child is rather difficult and stressful.  What if they don’t like it, will it make them get picked on growing up, what if it doesn’t end up suiting them, and the list of worries goes on.  When I was pregnant with your brother, we decided to not pick one until he was born.  We had a list of our favorites, but we were afraid of picking one and then deciding it didn’t fit him when he was born.  Your dad decided on Ian at the hospital, and it wasn’t even on the list!  I thought we might go that route with you as well, but from the moment we learned you were a boy, your dad started calling you Sid.

When we originally talked about the name Sid/Sidney, your dad wanted the name to be Sid.  But I said it had to be Sidney formally and we will just use Sid.  My great-grandfather went by Sid, but officially it was Sidney.  So that will be your name, although we will call you Sid, unless of course you are getting in to trouble 🙂

I say all this now, but you are still months away from being here, so who knows what your dad will come up with in the mean time.



It’s a……….

Dear little baby,

Yesterday we had an ultrasound appointment to check your growth and organ development.  It is also the day we found out your gender.

You are a BOY!!!!

When I found out you were going to be a boy, I was sad that I wasn’t going to have a girl.  Don’t get me wrong I wasn’t sad you were a boy, I was just sad I won’t ever have a girl.  I hope that makes sense, because I had always wanted a girl, and you are going to be our last chance.  Plus I thought it would be easier on you and your brother if you were different genders.  But then again, you will have tons of fun growing up and playing together.  It was kinda funny, at the appointment we were talking about what our predictions were, and the ultrasound tech said she thought you were a boy.  She wasn’t done, and had a lot of things to look at so I thought maybe there was a chance she was wrong….but nope.  We have a picture (which I didn’t put up online) that basically looks like a little baby boy sitting on a copy machine 🙂  You are most certainly a boy!

You are healthy, and all your organs looked fine.  Based on your measurements you are 14 oz, which is right on track for 21 weeks.  Your foot, pictured up there, has been doing a lot of kicking lately, along with the other one, and your hands have been punching.  Well you might be stretching or doing cartwheels, but what ever you are doing, you are very active.

I am really happy to have another boy, a little scared, but happy.




Week 17

Dear little baby,

Last week we had a doctor’s appointment just to do a check up.  I am happy to say I have finally put on some weight, it was less than two pounds, but it was still a gain!  This makes me happy because I was worried about your health, that’s what mothers do we worry.  We also listened to your heart beat, it is such a wonderful sound.

The most important thing about this appointment is that I made the appointment for your anatomy ultrasound!  On Thursday May 3rd  Wednesday May 9th we will find out if you are a boy or girl.  I am hoping for a girl, but your dad says boy.  I have always wanted a girl, to be able to girly things, like ballet and dresses and dolls.  However, two boys would be wonderful as well.  You would, hopefully, grow up to be the best of buds.

Either way we will be happy, but it is nice to find out.

There are things I want to start planning, and I can’t until we find out your gender.  They will also be checking the development of your organs, so there are other important things with this ultrasound, then just gender.

April 3, 2012  Here you are at 16 weeks.

At 17 weeks you weigh about 5 ounces and are the size of a turnip.  Your bones are starting to turn from soft cartilage into actual bone.  You can move your joints, and I can sure feel you moving around in there.  I have been kidney kicked a couple of times by you, and whew it was painful.  There is no greater feeling then you moving around, so I welcome every kick and punch you give me.




Dear Little One,

We are now in our 16th week.  These pictures are from 15 weeks, but close enough to the 16 week mark.  It is hard to get pictures of you.  I find that by the time I get home from work, make dinner, feed your brother, then clean him and put him to bed I am so tired and have already put on my jammies.

This week I have started to feel you move.  It comes sooner (like everything) the second time around.  I now know what it is I am feeling, because I have experience.  I don’t feel you all that often, you are still pretty small, only about 4 1/2 inches.  If I were to compare you to a fruit, they say about the size of an avocado.

A couple of weeks ago I had a good week.  I thought maybe all this sickness had gone, like most normal pregnancies where the morning sickness is confined to the first trimester.  But then it all cam back again.  I have to say though, being able to feel you move has made it all worth it.

I will admit that I do get concerned about you.  With me being this sick, and hardly able to eat anything, I worry about your health and growth.  I go to the doctor next week, and I am sure everything is fine, but I can’t help but worry.  After all, I am a mom!

Your limbs are becoming more developed and longer, which is why I am able to feel you roll around in there.  Your skeletal system is developing more as the calcium is being deposited into your bones.  You are even starting to grow little toe nails ❤

Can’t wait till the next ultrasound when we find you your gender! and get another look at your wonderful little face.




13 Weeks

Here you are little one at 12 weeks.  I am trying to get pictures of you in a weekly process, but we will see how that goes 🙂

Yesterday (the 15th of March) I had a doctor’s appointment to check to see how you were doing.  We did an ultrasound to take a look at you and make sure you are growing good.  You measured out just shy of 3 inches.  I can not believe how big my belly is to hold just 3 little inches.  You are doing good, we could see your bladder indicating your kidneys are working.  Your little heart beat was strong and at a good rate.  You are a mover, just like your big brother was.

Here is your little profile.  So cute I just want to pinch your cheeks!

Here is what is going on with you at 13 weeks.

You are the size of peach now, and your body is catching up with the growth of your head.  You are moving your arms and legs, but you still have plenty of room in there so I don’t feel those movements yet.

My symptoms are getting much worse.  I am very sick a lot and have to appetite, which means that even though my belly is getting bigger I have not gained weight since my last check up at 8 weeks.  Although we are not concerned about that yet.  I am very tired and really just want to sleep all the time, but of course I can’t.  It seems that I just can’t stay asleep at night.  Which might be why I am getting headaches.  But even with all these yucky feelings, I am still over joyed with your presence.  All these minor unpleasantness’ are worth it in the end.



Week by Week

Dear Little baby,

we have now hit the 11 week mark on this maternity journey.  This whole counting weeks thing can be confusing.  Some of this you probably don’t want to hear about, but hey that is just the way things go 🙂

Week 1 is when the first day of my menstrual cycle began.  So I was not actually pregnant with you during this week.  This date was Dec 16th or the 17th.

Week 2-3 is when conception actually happened.  I believe this was around Christmas, of course it could have happened the first part of January as well.  But regardless it isn’t until the 2nd or 3rd week of a 40 week process that you were actually starting to form.

I am not going to give you a play-by-play of everything that happens, there are plenty of resource for that.  Just Google it.   But the fact is that during these weeks you are turning from a little bundle of cells in to a little baby.

I have to tell you that while we did want to have you, we weren’t quite ready for you.  After giving birth to your big brother I was using a birth control called an IUD, no I am not going to explain it.  It continuously gave me hormones to help prevent a pregnancy.  After about a year it started to make me crazy.  Yes actually crazy!   I was having horrible mood swings and depression.   Not to mention some other unpleasantness, like the fact that it started changing my menstrual cycle to happening every other week instead of once a month!  Talk about not fun.

With all that I decided to have it removed and changed back to taking a birth control pill.  Because of the fact that I changed methods and the IUD had altered my cycle so crazily I still ended up pregnant with you despite being on birth control pills.  Something of which we are extremely happy about, but yes, we are a little scared too.

So now we are just starting week 11.  You are about 1.6″ in length or the size of a lime, and weigh approximately 0.25oz.  You organs have formed and are beginning to function.  You are growing your little finger & toe nails.  Your ears are moving to the sides of your head.  You are moving around in there, kicking and stretching, but I can’t feel you yet.


I will admit it is hard to believe you are in there, although my belly is sure getting bigger!