Jedi Crystal has been found

Dear Ian,

Today you were watching Star Wars: The Clone Wars cartoon.  This episode the young Jedi trainees were going in search of their crystals in order to build their light sabers.

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(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You got out all you Star Wars toys and a little tiny toy dog bone.  You took the bone up to the TV, placed it next to the screen and said “I get it.”

Then you came to me with your little hand closed turned it palm up and slowly opened your fingers.  Then declared “I found my crystal!  It was in my ice!”

Then every few minutes you bring it back to me and I would have to ask if you had found your crystal, to which you would reply “yep. it was in my ice!”

Since we were watching it on demand, this went on for a couple of hours.  But I loved every minute of it.